Special terms of stay related to the COVID-19 health crisis

Your safety, as well as that of our own, is of great importance.  So, following governmental & industry recommendations and regulations, we have implemented the following procedures in order to deal with the impact COVID-19 is having upon our lives.

First of all, we would like to inform you that we have reduced our capacity this year in order to adapt to the new standards of hygiene and social distancing.  So, we’re counting on you to help us with these tasks.  Respect for arrival and departure times is crucial this year for everyone’s safety to allow us to disinfect the room correctly.

Masks: Wearing a mask may be mandatory for certain situations within the environs of La Belle Demeure. Therefore, you will have to have one to hand all the time you’re here. If you are someone who refuses to wear a mask when appropriate or asked to do so, please do not book with us.

Social Distancing: During your stay, we will ask you to respect others at all times and to ensure that they are respected by all those (including children) who accompany you. In France such “Gestes Barrières” are considered to be washing your hands regularly, coughing or sneezing into your sleeve or a tissue, the use single-use tissues & to not shake hands or embrace others unless specifically invited to do so.   Social (or physical) distancing will be mandatory everywhere in the common areas of the house, including the swimming pool & terraces. Some common areas will remain inaccessible this year.

Swimming Pool: As mentioned, physical distancing is mandatory even if you are in the presence of other people in the water. Due to the layout of the garden, only 2 places will be available poolside and their use will be subject to certain constraints. There will be many other places available underneath our century-old vine.  Whilst swimming, please do not splash water towards others or out of the pool and the use of the pool should remain calm. We would truly appreciate it if you could provide your own pool towels if possible. Thank you in advance.

Arrival: As usual, our arrival times are between 4pm and 7pm. We will welcome you personally in the courtyard, while respecting physical distancing and “Gestes Barrières”. We will send you a welcome video via your mobile phone / e-mail as well as a PDF version of our information booklet to read as soon as you arrive.  These will replace the usual personalized reception & explanations given in the room and the information booklet normally present in our accommodations. Should there be anything you think that we haven’t covered, or that you need help with, we are always available.

Your Accommodation: Unfortunately, with such limitations, La Belle Demeure will lose a little of its soul this year. We have removed many decorative objects, cushions etc. which seemed superfluous to us at the moment. The photos on our website no longer reflect reality and are therefore non-contractual.

Daily Cleanliness: To ensure the safety of all of us, we intend not carry out daily cleaning of your room (but will carry out cleaning to a certain degree on certain days during long stays).  However, during the course of your stay, please let us know if there is an urgency, the need to change towels or if any  products / toilet paper need replacing. We do hope this will be alright with you.

Breakfast: We will not present our usual breakfast buffet but we will serve you directly from the kitchen at your table whatever you would like from the choice our selection (e.g. Yoghurt, cereal etc.). We will ensure social distancing from the other guests at breakfast time.

Table d’hôtes Evening Meal: Unfortunately, at the time of posting this page, our big communal table is not allowed. Nevertheless, we will retain our table d’hôtes ethos and atmosphere & hope that we will still enjoy a good time together (physical distance and “Gestes Barrières” in place).

Common Areas: Some common areas, such as the common lounge (including the TV), will remain inaccessible this year and others will only be accessible at mealtimes, as & when necessary. As for the outdoor chairs and tables, they will be designated for you on arrival and will remain for your exclusive use for the duration of your stay.

Despite all these hindrances, we hope that you will still wish to book some time with us in this lovely part of France and that this one is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Philippe and Richard

Last update : 26th June 2020

How to contact us directly

Philippe Vidal & Richard Godfrey 
La Belle Demeure 
Lieu-Dit Le Bouscot 
24250 Saint Cybranet France

Tel.: +33 (0)5 53 28 57 12
Mob. Phil: +33 (0)6 33 88 94 53
Mob. Rich: +33 (0)6 45 15 00 57
Email: frogetrosbif@wanadoo.fr

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